At BC SafetyLink, diversity is not a mere buzzword; it is a key element of our corporate culture. It means acceptance, respect and openness to new ideas, and it enables us to work together and deliver the kind of progressive monitoring solutions our clients have come to expect.

BC SafetyLink is a Gitxsan business that is a subsidiary of the Gitxsan Development Corporation (GDC).  Founded in 2011, the GDC was created to position the Gitxsan Nation to participate in economic development activities occurring on Gitxsan lax yip (traditional lands), and to provide training and employment opportunities to Gitxsan people.

Our mission is to create profitable, sustainable economic development that leads to job creation and training opportunities, ultimately creating economic resilience for the Gitxsan people.


We strive to be western Canada’s largest safety network that provides world-class, real-time solutions for protecting people, places and things for public, private and non-profit organizations, while bringing economic development to the region in the form of sustainable job creation.


We work hard to build a leading safety network throughout western Canada that protects lone workers, teams in isolation, and company assets, through leading edge technology and 24/7/365 live monitoring; with a pro-active commitment to safety, reliability and regional development.


Progress. Trust. Innovation. Meaning. Teamwork.

The GDC is playing a key role in the development of industry in Western Canada and is committed to maintaining Gitxsan stewardship of our land and the values and principles that guide our people.


We have used and conserved the resources of our land with care and respect. We have governed ourselves, the land, the waters, the fish and the animals. This is written on our totem poles, it is recounted in our songs and dances and it is present in our language and our spiritual beliefs. This is our Sovereignty and our Culture.

from the 1977 Declaration of the Gitxsan Chiefs